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Research update (2022/8/18)

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Growth and Quality of Plecoglossus Altivelis (Ayu Fish) Cultured from a Land-based Aquaculture Fed by Secondary Treated Municipal Wastewater in a Tokyo Wastewater Treatment Plant



Experimental description

Fig. 1 Ayu growing system

Table 1 Experimental batch information

Table 2 Water management in Ayu growing system

Result and discussion

Effects of TWW on fish growth

Fig. 2-1 Ayu growth in 1st batch
Fig. 2-2 Ayu growth in 2nd batch
Fig. 3-1 Relationship between number of died Ayu and NH4/NH3 concentrations in TWW (1st batch)
Fig. 3-2 Relationship between number of died Ayu and NH4/NH3 concentrations in TWW (2nd batch)

Odorant concentrations in water and Ayu

Table 3 Earthy/musty odor concentrations in culture water

Table 4 Odorant concentrations in Ayu grown with TWW

Nutritional composition of Ayu

Table 5 Nutritional compositions of Ayu grown with TWW

Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in Ayu

Table 6 Heavy metal(loid) concentrations in Ayu grown with TWW

a: 1st value is after 3-month culture、b: 2nd value is after 4-month culture
[1] FAO. Compilation of legal limits for hazardous substances in fish and fishery products (CLL) in Japan.
[2] Official Journal of the European Union. COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 1881/2006.
[3,4,5,6] FAO. CLL in Germany, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, respectively.